Thursday, August 9, 2007

BIG opportunity for all....

Nexus is a unique initiative undertaken by Techfest with a motive to spread the message of technology all across India. It provides a platform locally for all the students to showcase their talent in the field of robotics. Nexus is held in association with colleges across India and will serve as a prelim round to the main competition - Vertigo that will be held at Techfest 2008 in January

As a part of Nexus you will be able to experience the thrill of participating in a truly national event. Participating in Nexus will provide an opportunity for students without a background in robotics to experiment and get a hands-on experience at constructing robots. For all the experienced participants, the unique problem statement will serve as a litmus test for your skills. The competition is designed in such a way that one of the machines required for the finals will be ready by the month of October itself. This will provide a lot of extra time for giving the final touches to the machine and learning the new skills necessary for making the second machine.

Apart from the hefty cash prizes, the winners of Nexus will be eligible to participate directly in the final round of Vertigo to be held at Techfest without undergoing the rigorous elimination rounds. Though it is not mandatory to win in Nexus to participate in Vertigo but a head start in preparing the machine clearly has a lot of benefits.

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